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We have marvelled in the astounding insights we got from the first issue and we are thankful for the opportunities coming our way. Through hard work and perseverance, the second issue is here for you to indulge and explore.



| in-flaw-res-uh ns | (n) Latin a flowering or blossoming.

In this month’s issue we have zoomed in on Jewellery design and trends featuring Lorne Jewellery (pg 5-7 ) and Accessories by Pea (pg 1 ). Paying homage to our last issue we have listed the who’s who in South African street style (pg 9-10.). This issue we have really reached the root with the creative minds behind some well-known South African independent brands. The likes of Akhona Malimela, Jacques Bam of BAM Collective, Thabo Kopele of Grey Sheep and Thembi Matroshe 

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