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Bohemian Fashion

The bohemian style trend has infiltrated retail fashion and has quickly made its way into modern fashion. 

Boho comes with a long history as the aesthetic originated in the late sixties and seventies. Birthed from the Bohemian Revolution that took place in France, this ear saw many artists and creatives live in poverty. The Bohemian Revolution gave them the opportunity to take a social stance against constrained fashion and become freely artistic.Closely related to the ‘hippie’ era, bohemian fashion is more romantic in a sense that features a variety of fabrics and materials, earthy tones. Commonly known as ‘boho-chic’ or ‘boho’ this style is closely related to people living in an unconventional and artistic way.

A quick guide to dressing bohemian includes bold statement accessories, loose fitted clothing, a sort of ordered chaos. A colour palette of earthy tones and warm and cool hues. Browns, turquoise and blues. Gold accessories to make a bold statement whether they are dainty necklaces or big rings on your finger. Mixing and matching different patterns are also acceptable if they stick to one colour palette.


Tops and dresses

Embroidered blouses, laced materials and printed tunics are a must have when it comes to the ultimate chic top. Maxi dresses, bell and off the shoulder sleeves with decorative trims is always flattering. 


Pants and Outerwear

When it comes to bottoms a good flared jean and printed maxi skirt is a bohemian staple along with some distressed jeans, you cannot go wrong. Paired with distressed denim jackets you can mix street style and boho with just one item, add some fringe trims and you are good to go.  


Shoes and Accessories 

Footwear can range from jewelled gladiators to low cut, accessorised cowboy boots or leather, chained boots. The accessories include fringe trimmed bags, turquoise and silver jewellery and patchwork designed scarfs.  

It is important to remember that the Bohemian style can also be implemented into your interior design. Incorporating the bohemian style is more than just a personal style choice, it is become a culture, a way of life. It has taken the South African fashion world by storm and just like any type of style it is a way to express yourself. 

Get Verified With Farrakhan Legodi

Farrakhan Legodi, a YouTube content creator agreed to speak to us about his channel and the concept behind it.

His show “Verified” is basically a concept he came up with based on his views about social media. He personally felt as if there are a lot of people that aren’t given credit on social media platforms for their work and feel that they should be verified but haven’t been. With that he thought why not have a channel that could give those people the recognition they deserve and sort of ‘verify’ them on his show – verify in this sense means to give them more recognition.

The first question we asked him was who his target audience was when he first started his channel, this just to understand more about the purpose of it. His response was, “Everyone, more than anything I wanted it to be people who don’t know or have recognized the people that I would be featuring on my show, but deserve to get that sort of recognition and for people to know who they are, also creating a larger audience for them and of course getting to know a lot more about them.”

Unfortunately Farrakhan who goes by the nickname ‘FK’ on his show hasn’t been able to reach this target because the people that he has collaborated with on the show already have some form of ‘clout’. An example would be a guest star that he’d featured on episode 3, South African actress Anita Sibozo who acts in local drama series ‘Ingoma’ and ‘Isithembiso’ which stars Lillian Dube, Hamilltan Dlamini and a few more familiar actors in the South African industry

FK hosted ‘The Trap Lords’ in episode 5, a group of vibrant young South Africans who are into events, marketing and club hosting. FK mentions that this had to be one of his favourite’s because of a segment he has called ‘story time’. This was a totally different angle for his show and the purpose of this segment was to allow guests to share their crazy life experiences with the audience, sort of getting to know them on a more personal level. This episode got the largest amount of views.

Legodi explained that he became a little discouraged because having a YouTube channel where you feature people became a little tricky for him due to his guest’s availability. Not having the efficient equipment to shoot the show was an additional challenge that affected the quality of the content that he had shared. The first season of his show was all shot on an iPhone 7. 

FK did promise us that there will be a season 2 coming soon which will be bigger and better, gracing us with a lot more content. We sure do look forward to watching it.

 If you wish to watch Verified the link will be provided down below. 

The minimalist movement

As we’ve all most probably noticed, minimalism is trending across all aspects of lifestyle – fashion, food, interior design, art and architecture etc. Have you ever stopped and thought about why?
Here are 5 of reasons why minimalism is trending and becoming a more popular lifestyle choice.


Minimalism Art/Modern Aesthetics

The term “minimalism art” (1929) experienced huge growth during 1960’s and 1970’s when artists began stripping down their work to the fundamentals of the art, this became prevalent in sculpting/painting/music/building. Not long thereafter, we began to see the same transcendence in architecture and interior design where the term “modern design” came about. Good art enters the soul and makes new ideas plausible, this is precisely what we’ve experienced with the minimalism movement, it proves the idea of a minimalist principles being a plausible lifestyle as well.

High levels of personal debt

The day-to-day lifestyle is already financially demanding, and sometimes draining. Minimalism allows individuals to cut back on unnecessary expenses and costs due to the narrative of the lifestyle being “less is more”, the more we let go of, the more freedom we have to focus on other aspects of our lives.

The realization that there’s more to life than possessions

Let’s be honest, most of us have been trapped by consumerism, it is alive, well and growing by the minute. Companies are advertising products that are ‘guaranteed to bring us happiness’ with that net purchase, but many have come to the very necessary realization that these possessions offer no more than materialism.  

Environmental Concern & Awareness

It has become apparent that our lifestyles are negatively affecting the environment, many people have opted for veganism and plant-based lifestyles next to minimalism. The understanding of less consumption resulting in less usage of the earth’s natural resources, moreover people are deciding to make a difference rather than to idly watch from the sidelines. 

Freedom, happiness and focus

Leading a minimal life has proven to bring a lot more happiness into people’s lives, the ‘stuff’ we choose to surround ourselves with is merely a distraction and usually tends to add unnecessary stress. By de-cluttering our spaces and only keeping only the things we really need, creates a sense of freedom and peace of mind because we are able to gravitate towards what really matters to us 

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