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The amelioration issue

Masana Khoza the Drummer

Article By : Georgia Pitt

creative Reads

The amelioration issue

Bohemian Fashion

Article By : Georgia Pitt

Creative Reads

The amelioration issue

On the boulevard with July 56

Article By : Creative Nation

creative Reads

The amelioration issue


Article By : Creative Nation

Touching Base with Masana Khoza

Masana Khoza is a local musician, hailing from Centurion with the most insane skills on the drums.
We got in touch with him to get to know him a little bit more, so its only fit that we get a drumroll for what’s to follow…


What first got you into music? 

Church was one of the first major things that got me into music


Who inspired you to make music?

JayMusic Sarela is one the people that inspired me to start music. A young man from Shoshanguve.


How would you describe the music that you typically create?

As a drummer, it is my job to make sure that the song gets the right drum sounds and the right pattern. I make different types of music, from Amapiano to Gospel and Mbaqanga.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process depends on my mood on that day but a basic layout is: I would have an idea of the beat I want to make and this will lead me to my laptop and starting with the drums, then the bassline, then follows the keys. Extra sound effects and mixing of everything will come at the end.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, Oscar Mbo, Mas Musiq, Clxrity and many more


If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Nàtive Deep.


What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

I would be a soccer player or an accountant.


Where have you performed?What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

I have performed at many places like: JoJo’s in Maboneng, Junk Park in Sandton, News Café in Centurion and many more. My favourite venue was definitely JoJo’s and least favourite was Stones.


Whats next for you ?

What’s next is a few features from international artists and maybe some sponsors.

10 . What is the best advice you have been given?

"To always keep praying and never give up."



Get in touch with Masana Khoza on his social platforms and check out his music.

Bohemian Fashion

The bohemian style trend has infiltrated retail fashion and has quickly made its way into modern fashion.

Boho comes with a long history as the aesthetic originated in the late sixties and seventies. Birthed from the Bohemian Revolution that took place in France, this ear saw many artists and creatives live in poverty. The Bohemian Revolution gave them the opportunity to take a social stance against constrained fashion and become freely artistic.Closely related to the ‘hippie’ era, bohemian fashion is more romantic in a sense that features a variety of fabrics and materials, earthy tones. Commonly known as ‘boho-chic’ or ‘boho’ this style is closely related to people living in an unconventional and artistic way.

A quick guide to dressing bohemian includes bold statement accessories, loose fitted clothing, a sort of ordered chaos. A colour palette of earthy tones and warm and cool hues. Browns, turquoise and blues. Gold accessories to make a bold statement whether they are dainty necklaces or big rings on your finger. Mixing and matching different patterns are also acceptable if they stick to one colour palette.


Tops and dresses

Embroidered blouses, laced materials and printed tunics are a must have when it comes to the ultimate chic top. Maxi dresses, bell and off the shoulder sleeves with decorative trims is always flattering. 


Pants and Outerwear

When it comes to bottoms a good flared jean and printed maxi skirt is a bohemian staple along with some distressed jeans, you cannot go wrong. Paired with distressed denim jackets you can mix street style and boho with just one item, add some fringe trims and you are good to go.  


Shoes and Accessories 

Footwear can range from jewelled gladiators to low cut, accessorised cowboy boots or leather, chained boots. The accessories include fringe trimmed bags, turquoise and silver jewellery and patchwork designed scarfs.  

It is important to remember that the Bohemian style can also be implemented into your interior design. Incorporating the bohemian style is more than just a personal style choice, it is become a culture, a way of life. It has taken the South African fashion world by storm and just like any type of style it is a way to express yourself. 

On the boulevard with July 56

Looking for the best and upcoming creatives in the society opens our eyes to the potentials that our society has in store for us, especially here in Mzansi. Without looking too far, we connected with the very one and only July56, formally known as Tanaka Jura, who is a fresh upcoming artist and producer.

His style is very unique, diving outside of the comfort zone of the preferred musical taste, as July56 himself describes his music and his craft as the embodiment of balance between peace and chaos. This definitely put him aside in this field, enabling him to have a much more broader approach in tapping into his creative mind and allowing him to create the very type of music that separates him from the rest.

His music is somewhat of a trap vibe, along with a taste of RnB/Soul, giving it a much more enjoyable vibe to it.

In a more deeper context, July56’s style can be describes as seamless artistry. In this light, he definitely does not want to encourage the possibility that his music is detached from the issues that occur within the society. His music not only serves the ear for enjoyment, but also mind challenging ideas which allow his fan base to openly engage with his music and be able to apply them in their lives… more impactful music if you will. As with every upcoming artist, the lack of external funding can pose a threat to the ongoing producing of the artist, as well as even hinder motivation from carrying the artist forward in his or her journey. With this still serving as a stumbling block, this definitely does not block the flow of creativity that speaks for itself through his music.

“I intend, more than anything, to empower myself, because I know what that’ll mean for the community around me…”

“I intend, more than anything, to empower myself, because I know what that’ll mean for the community around me…” July56 expounds. His approach to music and his talent is definitely not short sighted, as he aspires to positively impact his surroundings in a very special and distinct way, keeping in mind that music has the ability to impact individuals in a positive or negative way, depending on how it is presented. July56’s talent in music producing has definitely allowed him to explore the music scene and has discovered the importance of producing, how it plays a huge role in one’s ability to play around with instruments, ultimately building ones authentic self in the process of making music from the ground up.

July56’s journey is far more than we anticipate to be, which of course the entire details of his journey can’t be covered here. To have a glimpse as to what he is all about, his music is readily available on Apple Music, Spotify & Soundcloud for all to listen, vibe to and enjoy. Talent is surely on the rise, and we as Creative Nation aspire to create a befitting platform where creatives are permitted to authentically present themselves in a manner in which their message can be passed on across, because truly, everything around us from the entertainment we indulge in to the very thing that defines us and sets us apart is all from creativity, including music itself. So In essence, Creativity is the colour of our day.

We are very certain that July56 will have an outstanding journey, and the Creative Nation Family wishes him the best of luck.


“We all deserve something new, especially in this new decade. This is a home of a non-identical sound. A sound isolated from what you’re accustomed to. All you have to do is to lend an ear and see what I mean.”
- love, luewelyn.

Luewelyn, formally known as Thato Simelane, is upcoming musical artist already making waves in the underground scene. Hailing from Pretoria, Luewelyn spark for lyricism and music come from the likes of Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. Luewelyn’s pursuit for music is fueled by his goal to change lives. In essence, Luewelyn’s music is a channel in which he can inspire people to be themselves. “I wanna change the way people think and just inspire them to be themselves” Luewelyn elaborates. Creativity plays a huge part in Luewelyn’s creation and production of music, as his goal and utmost focus is to be diverse in the music industry. “I personally believe that creativity can save the world” Luewelyn continues further. At most, Luewelyn’s goal is to simply be the best the music scene. “I just wanna be the biggest to have ever done it. Similar to the likes of Michaelngelo and Michael Jackson… I wanna be exactly like that.” In Luewelyn’s high school career, he persisted to create singles such as “Mbali” and even released mixtapes in which jumpstarted his career in the professsional he is now.

Luewelyn’s creative approach to music creation has definitely labeled him as a vessel of creativity, as he incorporates various sounds into his music which differentiate him from the rest of the herd. Many of the early supporters of his projects ‘Middle Class Kid’ & ‘God’s Next of Kin’, know full well of Luewelyn’s ability to deliver thought provoking and challenging ideas through his music which constantly leave his fans wanting more.

Further into Luewelyn’s career as a musical artist, he went on to form a group by the name Auxiliary which comprises of the artists Vati (@vatithevet) and SiyaTheSinger. Luewelyn along with the artist Vati have come along way together and have multiple projects released on Musical Platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify

According to Luewelyn, him and Siyathesinger met 2 years ago and have been working together ever since. “Auxiliary is just a group full of talented people” Luewelyns explains. Collaborating with Vati, Luewelyn is also known as VatiLuewelyn, which is the collective name for the dynamic duo. Along the line, Luewelyn has also dropped singles with the likes of Eyezac, Black Adam and Kyu Abner. Luewelyn’s multiple projects like Auxiliary and Cord are readily available on Spotify and Apple Music. “Distance Package”... his latest singles featuring Vati and SiyaTheSinger continues to gain waves and his sound travels and his fan base continues to grow.

 Considering Luewelyns journey thus far, shows that the acceptance of ones self despite a society that constitutes otherwise will always carry you to your purpose. One of the things Luewelyn as well as the group Auxiliary stands up to and ultimately leaves with his fans and upcoming artists is to “Always stay creative! Never repeat the same idea twice”. The newly anticipated project ‘Music For Movies’ is about to be released… and here at Creative Nation, we have no doubt that creativity will flow through and draw closer more ears into Luewelyn’s energy… and we don’t want to miss any of it.

Visit their instagram Accounts and enjoy the new sounds:

@Luewelyn | @vatithevet | @siyathesinger

Luewelyn’s Flow Page

Spotify: @Luewelyn | Apple Music: Luewelyn 

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