the inauguration

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The inauguration

This magazine issue titles “The Inauguration” to dedicate ceremoniously : observe formally the beginning of inaugurate a new school

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A tasty twist on production for this Zimbabwean born global sensation, Kooldrink. “ Kooldrink, beyond shell shocked by this, sat in ore. “Ed Sheeran? Amapiano? Me?!”. 

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Joda Kgosi

Her music keeps her motivated and focused on the end goal. A note we can take from the book of Joda, passion will always motivate you. “I don't mind being broke and making music, it's my passion.” 

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From cassettes and vinyls in the outskirts of Pretoria, to international collaborations and festival performances. Cornelius is soaring through the industry one mix at a time.

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Bone-chilling performances sent this duo journeying across Africa. “They relate to one another in and outside the music, they described it as, “spiritual”. Sharing the essence of who they are through their music, creates a spiritual connection between the duo and their community.” 

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Growing up in a family that dotes on taking pictures, his elder sister being the curtain-raiser to his world of photography. He grew fond of seeing life through the lens, capturing moments that could never be substituted.


What our amazing creatives featured in this magazine issue have to share on their experience


Thank you for having me on the magazine and sharing my career to the youth, and always remember  “Coming from a black family, it’s about helping the next person. Always remember the next person. We’re not fighting each other, we’re fighting poverty.”


Thank you sharing my story to inspire & motivate the youth & upcoming musicians.  “If there’s anything I can tell younger me or upcoming musicians about this music thing is that - it’s difficult. It makes no sense half the time. But, you have to believe in you and do not give up.There’s only one of you.”.

Joda Kgosi

Thank you for making sure that i can share my authentic self through my music and motivate others to keep doing their thing and always remember to be themselves no matter what.

Soul Nativez

Thank you for sharing our journey to your audience, we wish all the upcoming young professionals well. Lastly always “Keep the faith, stay positive, believe in yourself, and have fun.”. 

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