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The recrudESCENCE issue

Whats Earth Without Art ? Its just "e-h"

Article By : Nqobile Moya

Creative Reads

The recrudESCENCE issue

The Evolution Of Thrifting

Article By : Georgia Pitt

Creative Reads

The recrudESCENCE issue

Malwandla Rikhotso

Article By : Georgia Pitt

Creative Reads

The recrudESCENCE issue


Article By : Georgia Pitt

The evolution of thrifting

The Salvation Army and Goodwill industries boomed during the 18 and 1900’s. These were known as thrift stores and was an organisation that created a workforce by recycling unwanted or pre-used goods and made them new. As the fashion world became more urban, second-hand clothing and even furniture became a great demand.

Around 2008, thrifting became more widely acceptable and popular. Having rare, oversized, unique and colourful items became one of the biggest flexes in modern day fashion. Thrifting has become so popular as people have noticed that thrifting does not cause such a big dent in their pockets. There are many who can’t afford high end designer brands right off the shelf. Thrifting gives many the opportunity to rock gently used branded items at an affordable price.

Thrifting is becoming a popular trend in South Africa and vintage stores have been popping up everywhere, even on Instagram. Thrifting is very time consuming and it could take a few window shops before you find an item that really stands out. Thrift store owners have taken to Instagram to make the shopping experience more accessible and convenient.

You’ll find the most amazing gems and rare vintage jackets. Becoming a sustainable shopper has never looked so cool.

Here are a few stores you can check out on Instagram and Yaga.

Thrifting on instagram

Recently featured some early 2000’s Mickey Disney Velvet hoodies on their Instagram feed.


Featuring oversized sports jackets and sweaters
Specialises in vintage clothing.
Creative Nation Magazine

Thrifting has also become popular through the site which allows people to sell their clothes on an online shopping space.

sells new and worn items on her Yaga profile and really fits that vintage vibes.

*all items sold by these stores are on a pay first bases and most items have already been sold. 

Malwandla Rikhotso

Malwandla Rikhotso (RikoStilz), best known as the creative genius behind some amazing photographs and productions agreed to sit down and chat about his craft and career in photography. 

As much as it sounds like a cliché, photography chose Malwandla. Having a mother who is a photographer it natural drew to him and he fell in love immediately. Once he got a hang of it, he just could not put that Nikon D800 down and he discovered that his new hobby could provide a decent living as well. Inspired by the likes of Sfundo Majozi, Stills by Tom and Danny Batista, Malwandla has come into his own and his style of photography certainly proves that. An all-rounder, shooting events, portraits, fashion, beauty and even cars which he says is one of his favourite subjects to shoot besides people. 

Malwandla says the following when asked what photography means to him, “it’s an opportunity to express myself and be completely be in my own world. It means being able to tell a story, curate feelings and send a message with my lens. Lastly, it means having an opportunity to share a part of myself with the world.”

"Having an opportunity to share a part of myself with the world.”

When asked what inspires him, he answered, “continuously out doing myself with my work.” With a lot of trust and belief in his work, Malwandla has found a sense of potential and drive in his work and is determined to be the best in the country.

Ambition comes with a lot of confidence and is something Malwandla has rightfully earned through the work he has done with some big names in the industry, South Africa’s Elaine, Makeup artist Mbali Mkhize and being the main photographer of an up-coming production house called 720 Vision.

Having all these achievements under his name has not stopped the talented photographer in continuously setting new goals for himself.

Malwandla Rikhotso Career goals

Asked what his career goals are, Malwandla said, “to shoot magazine covers for the likes of Destiny Magazine, Cosmopolitan and GQ.” And owning his very own production house.

There is clearly no sign of slowing down for this young photographer who’s got so much ahead of him.  


Most of us are working and studying from home. Our homes have become cluttered and it is important to make your work area a creative space to boost inspiration. 

Colourful Pieces

1. Colourful Pieces 

A strong emotion that is associated with colour is happiness. Surround yourself with your favourite colours as it is the easiest motivator to get some work done and think of the NEXT BIG THING. MRP Home has some really affordable desk accessories to spice up your home office.  

2. Lighting up with the room with items you’ve window shopped 

Adding a touch of fairy lights that have been trending on almost every mood board on Pinterest will help you feel a part of the décor trend and boost creativity in a new and inspiring way. Typo is well known for their ‘Pinterest mood board’ aesthetic and you can really find the coolest office items at this store.

2. Lighting up with the room with items you’ve window shopped

3. Opening up the space

3. Opening up the space 

Sometimes our spaces can feel so small and cluttered. Opening up the space could help open up your mind and allow those creative juices to flow. A good way to achieve an open space is by adding a mirror. Not only does it fit into a ‘New York loft apartment’ aesthetic but it’s a handy accessory if you want to make sure you look good for the 10am Zoom meeting. 

Fragrances for your workspace

4. Fragrances for your workspace 

The fragrance of your home is key to creating a peaceful environment and definitely sets the style and mood of your space. It’s been said that your sense of smell is an essential tool for creativity as it connects you to specific memories. @Home has a variety of affordable luxury scented candles and diffusers that can assist you in finding the perfect scent for your humble abode 


5. Plants 

Having some plants in your house, whether they’re real or fake, can really reduce stress and increase productivity/creativity. The Crazy Store is definitely a one-stop-shop for all affordable household essentials, faux plants included. 

Whats Earth Without Art ? Its just "e-h"

The Artistic

Stylist and designer Brandon Sandile Thambekwayo best known by his brand name, The Artistic is a creative brand owner, his personality when we spoke to him definitely gave us the “artistic” aura. We touched base with him on how he grew his brand and how he’s managed to influence his peers on brand owning, you could tell by just the way he spoke of his brand and achievements that the passion comes from within and its what drives him.

His love for fashion and clothes all started in his high school years, specifically in grade 9 (2015), “I fell in love with clothes without even noticing it, when I was in high school I would often want to buy clothes and sometimes I was not able to buy them myself and I always wanted to wear something that’s different but still in fashion but the clothes were too expensive so that’s when I decided on doing something for myself that I can grow with” the Artistic said.

He went on to explain the name of his brand as a description of who he is “the name ‘The Artistic’ is an explanation of who I am, it’s got to do with everything referring to art, my art in particular.” This mainly focusing on his clothing brand, and part time producing career.

The Artistic has been rated as one of the best stylists in Pretoria based on his big reference from rapper Cassper Nyovest. His brand brought him an opportunity to collaborate with the artist, who had bought a few of his merchandise when it had just been released, just when he thought that was it, Cassper offered him an opportunity to be his stylist, this bringing him at the top and getting a whole lot of clout and recognition to his name. “Cassper was the first big person to buy my stuff and for me it meant everything to know that a big artist somewhere actually loves my work” he told us.

When asked about his brand and what it is to him, he explained it to be a designer brand, he does not want to keep it local, but international, this of course being one of his long term goals that he’s marked for himself in the near future. Going along with his inspiration from designer brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, and Versace.
On the local side of things The Artistic mentioned the brands AMA Kip Kip who he’s currently working with, Petrol or Milk which is run by Siyabonga Khumbela who is well known for his ancillary brand Bambata, as the brands that have inspired him to drop a brand of his own.

He left us with a few words when asked how he would advise a person who is still in the process of building their own brand saying, “As a brand owner you have got to have a lot to propose to people before you start making a noise about it, because you could propose the idea and people will like it, but fail to execute, make sure you keep up with what you promised people.”

If you’d love to know more about The Artistic and be familiar with his brand check out his social media pages:

Instagram: @its_the_artistic_one

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