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A creative magazine aimed at educating and inspiring young South African creatives.

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About us

why do we exist

Creative Nation exists to highlight the excellence of artists and designers in a world where we are finally being recognised and given the opportunity to tell our stories through creativity. The team is made up of Ten dynamic and talented designers in various fields of study and practice with a passion for creativity. The aim of the magazine is to Inspire, Educate and Motivate the public , we do this to bring together different people from all walks of life through art and design.

Concept & objectives

what are we trying to achieve? 

Creating a Digital Magazine that focuses on young and upcoming creatives in South Africa. This is aimed to be an accessible magazine that aims to Educate, Motivate and Inspire the public. We do this by enlightening the readers on the different processes that artist use to achieve success and that the creative realm is accessible and that there is a world of possibilities within the creative space. Consistency throughout the entire journey will ensure success.


Who are we catering to?

Who are we catering to? Designers, artists both aspiring and those living and expressing their artistry. But we don’t want to confine ourselves to only catering to one demographic. We want to cater to people who want to immerse themselves in the arts. Business

meet the team

meet the Creative nation team 

Best Regards, Mbuso Bam

Creative Nation

these are the creatives behind creative nation magazne

Mbuso bam

Founder | Head designer

Georgia pitt

Head of Creative Writing

Zipho dywili

Creative Writer

Nqobile moya

Creative writer

kgotso mashiane


Mamello Twayi


Boipelo matjila

Social media manager | MAU

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