| A- Mēl- Ya- Rā- Shan | (n) Latin the process of making a bad  situation better.

The Ikigai Issue

Creative Nation Magazine

The Ikigai Issue

Our magazine issue titles “Ikigai” which is Japanese for one’s reason for being, which in principle is the convergence of one’s personal passions, beliefs, values, and vocation

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A cinematic experience

South Africa does have a couple of independent
cinema venues to make date night a little more exciting or that movie experience a little more nostalgic. Here are a few we thought we should mention:

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Inspired by Love - Khanya Greens

Khanya Greens a Johannesburg born and raised, showered with many talents including acting, song writing, singing, poetry and a voice artist has agreed to take a seat with Creative Nation Magazine and talk all things creative!

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The generational art-Sibusisiwe Kondleka

Daring, talented, beautiful and inspiring are just some of the words to use when describing Sibusisiwe Kondleka and interviewing her was nothing short of a delight.

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The rise of melanin on the big screens

Thabo Kopele born in the south of Johannesburg whose studies at LISOF Design and Retail Academy
were unfortunately cut short due to his parents being unable to continue paying his tuition fees. He
used that as motivation to begin something amazing. 

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Uncapped Talent behind the scenes

Many facets in our country classify us a multi faceted and multi talented nation. One of which is film production. Producing, in the light of the filming industry is one of the most overlooked professions as it is mostly associated with the countless of hours of work, due to the fact that producers are fairly responsible for the directing of content being produced. 

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Stephen Obi - Creative Lenz

This issues creative lens features the talented Stephen Obi . Have a look at breath taking photographs

Featuring : 

Khanya Greens

Featuring : 

Sibusisiwe Kondleka


What our amazing creatives featured in this magazine issue have to share on their experience

" The people who love to see me acting in films and on television always inspire me to continue acting. Thank you for sharing my story, it was a lovely experience "

Khanya Greens
Actress & Songwriter

" Treat everyone with respect because they all play a part in the end product. Thank you for playing your part Creative Nation Magazine".

Sibusisiwe Kondleka

"Capturing moments isnt always easy but thank you for inspiring me to remember why i started this journey".

Stephen Obi

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