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Creative Nation Magazine has been presented with opportunities to share our mission and goals on multiple media platforms.  We present to you our various interviews and articles . 

Creative Nation
Creative Nation
Creative Nation
Creative Nation
Creative Nation

creative nation interview on ENca.

watch our interview on one of south africa's best news channel, where our founder of creative nation discusses what we are about and what we would like to Achieve.

When lockdown started, it left many people in the creative industry unable to work and earn a living. This inspired 21-year-old Mbuso Bam to launch a digital magazine to give his colleagues a platform to showcase their work.
Creative Nation also teaches youth about the creative process and how they can apply it in their work and play. We speak to Bam about his venture. Courtesy #DStv403 .

702 Radio interview with John Perlman

#Coronahope: 21-year-old launches digital magazine during lockdown to help others.

we had to opportunity to be on john perlmans show titled #Coronahope. where we had a chat about creative nation and how it came about. 


The Happiness Agenda: Episode 16 
Mbuso Bam: Tech Native

Mbuso Mbulelo Bam, 21 is an Interaction Design (UI/UX) student at Inscape from Pretoria.He started Bam Innovations and is the founder of an online magazine Creative Nation which aims to educate the youth on the creativity process.

He wanted to create a platform for local creatives to exhibit their work and have it appreciated. After spending time studying software engineering, he decided to switch majors and that is where he fell in love with design and could build up his skills and techniques to excel in the industry.

The Happiness Agenda: Episode 16
Mbuso Bam: Tech Native. 

The podcast is now available  on the following platforms.

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